“Hybrid” dog – Isn’t that just another word for Mutt?


Every day we hear more about new “hybrid” dogs or “designer” dogs.  Each feature is accompanied by photos of adorable puppies that are examples of this new “race”.

  Of course, they are nice!  All the puppies!  Do you have to pay hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars for one?  of course no!  The offspring of a mating between two purebred dogs of different breeds is a mandrel, mutt.  If you have one, you should love it, train it and take care of it as if it contains excess blood from the dog kingdom.

  Every dog ​​breed, there are hundreds in the world, has been “created” by humans.  Each breed is developed for a specific purpose – whether the original task is to guard the herd or to be an ideal dog.  There is no reason not to continue development.  If a dog with certain characteristics is needed, adventurous individuals come forward to meet that need.

  However, many generations are needed to “be born true”.  Compare yourself with your siblings.  Do you all have the same appearance, same personality, same interests, and strengths?  Opportunities are not.  Each of you has some of the “best” attributes of your parents.  But those may not be the same.  Both of you have some of the worst.

  There are two of the best-mixed breeds now known, namely “Golden Doodle” and “Puggle”.  The thinking behind these crosses is fairly straightforward: isn’t it nice to have a Golden Retriever character and their desire to combine pleasing with a non-shedding poodle coat and intelligence?  Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to have a small dog without Pug’s breathing problems, but quieter than Beagle?

  But there is no way to find out that you will not get a high brawl, noisy, stubborn, trembling like hens!

  If you are considering spending the kind of money that this “hybrid” requires, be sure to look at all the attributes of the contributing breeds.  You will get a combination of both.  An equally adorable blend awaits you at your local shelter – the size you want, the coat you want and the lovely face that melts your heart.

  If you need certain characteristics in your puppy – whether a family member is allergic, have you a very small or no yard, your family needs a quiet “easy keeper”, or you want to participate fully in the world of dog competition, consider  In purebred animals.  There are more than 150 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.  Find them at  Surely one of them is right for you.

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