How to train a dog to pay attention?


  Step 1: Make eye contact with a lure

Before we even begin obedience training with our dog, we need to be sure to get our dog’s attention. in order to teach this, we do an exercise that attracts attention and where we say the name of our dog and when they look at us, they receive a reward.

therefore, the starting point for the attention-grabbing exercise is to take a treat (it usually works more easily with a treat, but you can also use a toy).

to get his attention, say his name and wear the treatment on your face, and reward him immediately as soon as you get a split second of eye contact, or somehow, contact with the face.  It doesn’t have to be direct eye contact.  but it’s useful if you bring the treat to your eyes.

If your pet doesn’t look up the first time, you say his name.  instead of repeating the name, just make a few annoying little noises (like a little kissing noise or tongue snapping) and bring the treat back on her nose to redirect it to your face.

For some dogs, if they are really motivated by food, faster movement is better, but there are other dogs that respond better to slower movement to your face.

be nice and patient, no matter if he makes a mistake a few times, he will be rewarded only when he has the behavior we want, who looks at our faces.

In this first step of the exercise, we simply want the dog to look in the general direction of our face when he hears his name.

Sometimes the dog peeves you to try to get treatment simply ignore this behavior and completes the training.  and if he ends up jumping on you when you’re about to start rewarding him, just do it again.

you know that you are ready to take the next step when you have a high success rate on the rehearsals you do (if you do 5 reps at a time, you should have 4 reps out of 5 where he is watching you successfully  every time you bring food to your face)

  Step 2: Make eye contact without using a lure

just say the name of the dog and wait for him to look up at you and make sure to repeat his name repeatedly, for example, “belly, belly, belly, belly”, until his attention is attracted.

what will happen if you repeat your name several times without logging in visually and without reward.  does he begin to lose the meaning of the word?  then, you are actually diluting the effect of the command.

you have to make sure that when you say it, you have a way to strengthen it to look at you, whether to bring them back to the face, or to make some kind of kissing noise, or a tongue snap.

  Step 3: Add distraction

The third step is to use food as a distraction and wait for it.  We expect the dog to look away from food and make eye contact with you. It’s a bit more difficult, so you absolutely want to be successful in Step 2 before continuing.

after having eye contact, you end up giving him the feast he had to look away from.  it is useful for us to train the dog to distraction, even if he sees something interesting.  if he looks at you, he will always have the reward, or something better.

if the dog had done something particularly well.  something was really difficult for him and challenging.  and you want to make an impact on him, you can do something they call “jackpotting” by giving some treats.  it really gives the impression that what he did was good.

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