Dog Toys For The Brain, Teeth, And Feet


Think of the best games that fit your dog? Browse through dog toys below and see what fits your dog and your budget.

For dogs who like to chew:

1-Kong Jump’n Jack:

the prices:
$ 5.60 (small)
$ 7.50 (average)
$ 8.80 (large)

Kong Jump’n Jack is a game for dogs, toothbrushes, and gums at the same time. His unpredictable bounce makes it more fun for the dog to play with. It has a lot of surfaces that clean the dog’s teeth. Kong Jump’n Jack also has cracks useful for gum exercise.

2-Squirrel Dude (Busy Friends):

the prices:
$ 5.99 (small)
$ 8.99 (average)
$ 11.99 (Large)

This is a unique and innovative rubber toy. It has four rubber prongs that cover the hole slightly which challenges the dog to do more to taste the food inside. Squirrel dude is very durable and chewing.

3-Biscuit Block (Animal Planet)

the prices:
$ 4.50 (small)
$ 9.90 (average)

This chewing game has four seizure rooms spread throughout the game. Different types of dog treatments can be inserted indoors to keep pets happy and busy. It has a crazy bounce caused by square shape with cut corners.

4-Ball Stomp’r (Launch and throwing games)

the prices:
$ 10.99 (Normal, Red)
$ 8.99 (Mini, Green)

this dog toy enables young and adults to have fun and a great time playing with their dogs. Ball Stomp’r is the first ball thrower of its kind. The ball must be loaded, then stepped on and will come out to a height of 100 feet with a regular ball. The small ball can reach a height of 60 feet. This game has its own ball but tennis balls are a good alternative. This game is tough, waterproof and very dog-friendly. This is not chewing resistant although it should be kept after use. The normal size Stomp’r ball is 12 inches long and uses a ball the size of a tennis ball. The smallest length is 9 inches and uses a ball with a size of 2-inch.

5-Dinosaur Egg Baby (Plush Puppies)

price: $ 6.90
The Dinosaur Egg Baby is Intelligence Building Toy it has three eggs inside that give a creaking sound. It has a secret slot underneath to test your dog’s instinct to get hidden bonuses. It is 6 inches high, 5 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Toys that exercise dogs, brush their teeth and renew their ability to jump and test their intelligence. The full range of these games will surely make owners loved by their pets.

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