3 Tips You Should Know Before Leaving Your Dog Alone At Home


happy dog

As much as you might like to take your dog with you everywhere you go, sometimes this is just not possible. Going to work, social functions, even certain restaurants, means that you will have to leave your dog home alone.

Leaving your dog home alone can be challenging! Dogs see us as members of their pack, but it’s not always possible to spend all of our time with our dogs. The best idea is to teach your furry friend as a puppy, that being home alone is not a big thing, otherwise, your dog can develop separation anxiety.

When you’re at work all day, or frequently out of your home, your dog is left to fend for himself, often bored and lonely. Sometimes it can get worse when you come back to find your dog tearing the carpet, scratching the doors, biting your shoes, and other unpleasant behaviors. So how do you keep your pup happy when you’re not around?



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