Dog hair loss season


Did you know that there is a season of hair loss in dogs where the old hairs fall to grow new and healthier hair?

 Although dog hair loss is normal in all types of dogs, heavy loss hair is sometimes a sign of something more serious. Here’s a summary of its causes, its natural limit, and signs of a potential problem.

 Causes of hair loss in dogs:

 The dog’s hair helps to adjust his body temperature and protect his skin from sunlight and other environmental factors. When the dog’s hair stops growing, it begins to lose naturally until new hairs grow.

 The amount and frequency of this loss depend on many things: your dog’s health, nutrition, and sometimes the seasons and the environment.

 So when the old hair falls in the hair loss season, hair loss dead or unhealthy for the growth of new hair healthier and shiny.

What is the normal amount of hair loss in dogs?

  Dog hair falls in spring and autumn in most dogs.

  Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, and the German Shepherds are breeds with a heavy fall.

  In fact, what seems to be a heavy fall in some dogs seems quite normal in others, but it can also be the result of health problems

Abnormal causes of dog hair loss:

  If there is a significant change in the environment around your dog, it may increase the density of falling hair.

  For dogs with increased hair loss , stress, tension and fear can cause your dog’s hair to fall.

  Also, some skin conditions may lead to hair loss and the appearance of patches free of it, for example, parasite outbreaks such as fleas, lice, and mites. Herpes, dermatitis, certain types of fungal infections, immune diseases, and cancers can also lead to hair loss.

  If you notice any skin disorders (such as bruising, scabies, or rash) as well as hair loss, talk to the vet immediately.

  In addition, hormonal and allergic changes are another cause of allergies. Foods, medicines, household cleaners, and care products can cause allergies in dogs.

How can I treat my dog’s hair loss?

While you can’t prevent normal hair loss in a healthy dog, you can ask your veterinarian to recommend some products that are compatible with your dog’s fur type and reduce the amount of hair splashed at home.

If you think your dog is suffering from fur loss due to pest outbreaks, skin disease, stress or health problems, work with your veterinarian to accurately identify and treat the problem.

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