Here Are 2020’s Top Dog Breeds For Seniors


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Dogs are definitely man’s best friend and having a friendly canine can bring so much joy into your home. People of all ages can benefit from owning their own pet dog including senior members of the family. Dogs can be a loving and loyal companion for senior people especially those who live by themselves. Caring for a dog is also a great way to provide a sense of purpose to older people. While dogs are great pets for older people, it is important to take note that only certain breeds are perfect for senior fur parents. So here is a list of the best dog breeds for seniors.

Here Are 2020’s Top Dog Breeds For Seniors:

20. Chinese Crested

chinese crested dogs for adoption

This little dog is often known for its rather unorthodox appearance. Looking like it is losing its hair in patches has resulted in many referring to it as an “ugly” breed. However, what the crested loses in hair, it makes up for in many other areas. Many seniors live in small apartments which makes this breed a perfect choice. They are right at home in small living spaces, as they are highly adaptable. The breed also thrives on any and all forms of human companionship. They will continually entertainment you with their cat-like tendencies, as well as their love for sitting in higher places.

19. Schipperke

pomeranian schipperke

One of the less known breeds, and more often overlooked as a possible breed for seniors. However, the Skip (as they are referred to) may be a small breed, but it is nonetheless a sturdy one. It has an easy to care for coat which results in little fuss or muss. And who can resist those shoe-button eyes with their constant look of “what next?” This breed is pretty much up to anything—and that means anything. They would just as home kayaking as lounging on a sailboat. Their love of water-based activities makes sense, being that the breed was originally developed for an onboard living, as a ship’s ratter from Belgium.


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