Breeding small dogs


1-Equipping the dog house:

The process of equipping a suitable kennel shelter is based on:

 – The shelter must be warm and calm in order to provide adequate comfort.

 – You can choose between a training cage or a dog bed, with a blanket or a clean pillow and place it inside.

 – Dog bedding should be washed frequently.

 – If the dog’s shelter is outside, take into account the provision of a lot of cold water and shading during times of hot weather, in addition to the need to warm and equip it to ensure dryness during cold weather

2-Feeding small dogs:

  – The puppy gets his calorie intake from his mother’s milk until the age of 4 weeks, then you can start offering solid food to cover those needs while making sure to moisten a little to make it like a sponge, and by the age of 6 weeks will be weaned from breastfeeding.

  – Puppies’ food needs vary widely and rapidly during the first six months of life, so choosing the right food is best based on the advice of your veterinarian.

  – To ensure that puppies have adequate nutritional needs, the label must be read on the foods served.

  – Puppies usually need three meals a day during the period after weaning and until the age of 4-6 months, after which it is possible to reduce the number of meals to two.

 3- Healthcare:

 The kennel requires attention to its own health aspect. This is done by presenting it to the veterinarian since she was first at home and within the first six months of her life. During this period, the veterinarian will help identify any potential health problems early on.  For advice on dog care

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